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Whether going into a transaction or coming out, proper records audits and thorough physical inspections minimize surprises and allow smooth transition to the next owner or operator.

ATAS has performed numerous  transactional audits (Redelivery/Pre-purchase/Part-Out) saving our client millions of dollars before the asset becomes their financial obligation.

transactional surveys

Knowledgeable on-site technical representation protects the bottom line.  Whether aircraft, engine, test flight or major component work is contemplated, our technical representation analyses the work-scope, monitors work flow, and audits the final invoice for irregularities. 

End of life/Part-Out survey (ELPO) is an ATAS exclusive, designed to maximize residual value by matching certification documentation to the removed component when parting-out an aircraft after it's useful service life is achieved. 

Without document-matching, components are sold in "As Removed" condition,  generally at distressed value. Components will then be required to go through an expensive restoration process at an approved MRO for recertification. 

Surveys can be streamlined to fit any requirement.  Whether a single snap-shot in time of a single aircraft condition and records, or an ongoing fleet asset management program to satisfy commercial due-diligence requirements, ATAS can customize a survey program to suit your needs and budget.  

Surveys are the most cost-effective protection owners and lessors can buy and are designed to assist in future planning purposes, on-lease due diligence or to support aircraft valuation (valuation provided through a third party).

Enhanced surveys are designed to focus on big-ticket items without dedicating time and expense associated with full transactional survey.

"He's a very successful auditor and manager who promoted a sense of individual responsibility, professionalism and pride for organizational performance.   He set his own clear individual and organizational performance objectives and adjusted the way auditing and acquisition is performed to meet changing conditions and demands. 
He held individuals and company's accountable for achieving their performance objectives and recognized their lack of performance tactfully when required.  He took into account a variety of complex factors and stayed alert to changing customer needs, FAA regulations and other challenges. 
He evaluated business successes and failures and applied lessons learned to future endeavors. 
I consider Kevin an expert in the use of his knowledge, skill and ability and have observed him supervise and mentor others in the performance of accepting or rejecting their work using his skill and knowledge. 
Kevin is a Team oriented professional. It would be my pleasure to work with him on any project." ​

Dominick Gallo, Jr. 
FAA Arizona Safety Program Manager